Gloomy Spring Days


A Gloomy Day in Denver…

Guys, here’s what’s been on my mind, “When are we ever going to have a constant warm streak?” We keep having random weekends of rain and gloom and don’t get me wrong, I love gloom but not every weekend! One of my babes and I decided to shoot one morning before class but it had snowed the day before but seeing the sunrise in the city was so cool and worth the frozen fingers because I never wake up early enough to see it.

Highly recommend. 😂


Hat (similar here)
Cardigan (similar here and here)
Sweater (similar here)

Layers for those rainy days are easy to style but I am excited to rock some shorts here soon. The only downside of spring and one of the reasons I wasn’t the biggest fan when I was younger was because of the pollen! My allergies are insane right now and I am over feeling so gross. I love seeing the blooms and the warm weather but I sound like I have the sniffles and people literally avoid me haha! 

I am currently at work and I feel like literal poop but I am going to power through so I can catch up with my hours. I just went to San Diego to visit my mom for mother’s day and if you haven’t been there during the spring you need to go! The flowers are so lush and last way longer than they do in CO. We went up to LA to check out the Happy Museum and it is an instabloggers dream, they have interactive “exhibits” and their employees are so good at taking your photo and be on the lookout for an upcoming post about the other things we did!

Anyways, are there any allergy remedies that you swear by? Please let me know!

xo emma

Shelby Borer Photography 

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