The Perfect Fall Look


The Perfect Fall Look…

What can I say about fall that hasn’t already been said before? The fashion, food, smells, and activities are just better during this season and I wanted to share with you my perfect fall look to go along with those things.



Sweater (similar here)

Denim (simliar here)



Fanny Pack

 The way I styled this look was simple and you’ll most likely have in in your own closet! I chose to base the outfit around these gorgeous bedazzled jeans from H&M (that I got on sale, swoon!) that just scream fall. A unique pair of denim jeans is always needed in your closet because it elevates the look instantly.  I paired them with my favorite knitted sweater (which is an obvious staple) and to add a little bit of a casual feel I threw on some Vans. For accessories I chose my Newsboy cap and my favorite fanny pack to add a different element that will also be helpful when I run through haunted houses and pumpkin patches. I think fall fashion is very much a bohemian deal and like my babe Anne and I say, it’s when we thrive. If you want to check out more fall staples I highly recommend reading this post by her!

What’s your fall staple? Let me know in the comments!

xo emma

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